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You lead a busy life, and oil changes are a hassle. That’s just one reason more & more people are switching to AMSOIL extended life synthetic motor oils… the convenience of changing oil less often while remaining confident that their engines are being protected.

Why AMSOIL? | The introduction of the world's first synthetic motor oil to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements in 1972 set all-new standards for motor oil quality. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil outperformed conventional petroleum motor oils on all counts. It was clear from the start that this innovative product would play a major role in engine performance and engine life.
AMSOIL has remained steadfast in its commitment to quality and precision lubricant engineering, leading the charge over the past four decades with many industry firsts. This quality-first commitment has driven the introduction of numerous synthetic lubricants, premium filtration technologies and fuel additives that provide tangible, real-world value.
  • The First in Synthetics®
  • Premium Quality and Warranty
  • AMSOIL products are formulated, blended and
    manufactured in the USA
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AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil
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Synthetic Oil FAQ’s
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